A refugee from Ukraine spoke about the difficulties after moving to Canada

Refugee from Ukraine Zohrab Demergyan spoke about his move to Canada. His story was brought by the CBC television channel.

Demergian arrived in Newfoundland and Labrador with his wife, stepson and dog in mid-September. An IT specialist expected to find a job in his profession, but faced difficulties. In particular, he complained about the lack of necessary vacancies in Canada. In addition, his family experienced difficulties with accommodation: they are now using temporary housing provided by the Association of New Canadians (ANC).

“We sit in a hotel and just look at each other. Every day at the hotel, I spend 12 hours at my laptop looking for a job,” Demergyan said.

The man added that the special visa program for Ukrainians, the ANC offers, job opportunities and the hope of a quieter life influenced the decision to move. For migration, he took a loan of a thousand euros. Demergyan also announced his intention to “build his future here.”

“Hospitality will not cover my living expenses. I don’t ask for free housing, I don’t ask for free money. All I ask is a job that pays like ordinary people,” he stressed.

Earlier, Germany called the number of refugees who arrived from Ukraine. According to the Federal Bureau of Statistics, about 952,000 people have arrived in Germany since the beginning of the special operation.