The Mirror learned about the return of refugees from Britain to Ukraine

According to the tabloid, Joe Place and his wife Irina left Kyiv in February and moved to the man’s hometown, Sheffield. Unfortunately, young people are facing serious financial problems due to the unprecedented rise in the cost of living in Britain.

The position of Irina and Joe was complicated by the refusal of housing agencies to accept funds from Ukrainian accounts. In addition, the authorities did not provide the family with the promised support under the social program for refugees.

The couple eventually gave in and, after visiting Ukrainian relatives in September, decided not to leave again.

“We realized that we really really like it here, and everything is in order,” Joe concluded.

The couple admitted that life in Ukraine in the current conditions is not at all easy, but it turned out to be somewhat easier to adapt to this thanks help Ukraine.

Earlier, on November 6, the RNZ radio station said that Ukrainian refugees complained about insufficient assistance from the New Zealand authorities. They demanded more financial and medical support, as well as the organization of English language courses.

Also on that day, it was reported that Ukrainian refugees were dissatisfied with living conditions in the buffer center of the Bulgarian city of Elhovo. They were settled in metal cabins. 35 people expressed their outrage, including 12 children.

On October 26, The Washington Post reported that attitudes towards refugees from Ukraine are deteriorating in Europe, to the point of hostility and hostility in a number of countries. The newspaper cites the opinion of a real estate agent from the Czech Republic, Petra Vybiralova, who claims that at first the Europeans were ready to host Ukrainians, but soon their attitude changed.