The number of homeless Ukrainian families in England shocked the British MP

The number of Ukrainian refugees in the UK who are homeless or at risk of homelessness has increased by 22 percent over the month. This is reported by the British edition of The Independent.

According to the country’s government, a total of 1,915 Ukrainian families facing homelessness have applied for help since February 24 this year. However, over the past month, about 350 families sent relevant appeals. According to the material, this prompted local authorities to demand “urgent decisions” from the government.

Liberal Democrat spokeswoman Leila Moran denounced the “shocking numbers” and said the government must act immediately “or risk breaking the promise made to the Ukrainian people.” At the same time, charities have warned that the problem will escalate in the coming months as sponsorship agreements for the Homes for Ukraine program come to an end.

In May, The Independent reported that Ukrainian refugees who arrived in the UK faced difficult living conditions. According to a survey of charitable organizations, 58 percent live in inappropriate housing, another 17 percent faced the risk of being left on the street.