Ukrainian refugees staged strikes at factories in Poland

Ukrainian refugees began to strike at Polish factories against violations of their labor rights, writes.

In particular, the protests were held at a plant for the production of New Year’s decorations in the city of Gliwice, 18-year-old Roman, who works at the enterprise, told the publication. According to him, Ukrainians have repeatedly expressed indignation due to the fact that the employer calculates money from them for a lunch break, while such “sanctions” do not apply to Poles.

“People were outraged by the “discriminatory” approach on the part of the administration. Therefore, Ukrainians refused to work for two days,” the young man said, adding that difficult conditions and “unfair”, according to workers, wages provoke conflict situations with employers, which often leads to strikes.

The authors of the publication noted that many Ukrainian refugees complain about low wages and difficult working conditions. At the same time, at some enterprises, citizens of Ukraine are paid less than Poles in similar positions.

“All light processes are already occupied by the Poles. I went to work for one day, and that’s all I had. And when there was a strike, the leadership told the protesters: if you don’t want to work under such conditions, a Ukrainian will come and work,” Olga Kobyzeva said.

In the Polish trade unions, the publication confirmed the problem of labor exploitation of Ukrainians. “Some employers and employment agencies see two million Ukrainian refugees as cheap labor and use the war and the migration crisis against those migrants who have been working for them for a long time,” said Ignacy Yuzwiak, an expert at the Center for Migration Studies.

According to him, the main problems of Ukrainians are employment without an employment contract, illegal work, irregular working hours, salary delays and refusal of employers to pay the money earned.

Earlier, the Germans complained that Ukrainian refugees who arrived in the country were constantly rude to employees of local charitable organizations.